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Graveyard Plan
The Church Register of Burials and all the Headstone Inscriptions have been transcribed and can be downloaded below:
NUMERICAL by Register Number
Burial Plot Layout
Headstone Photographs
A1 A2 A3 A4 A5 A6 A7 A8
North East quarter
NE-A 5-6 NE-A-7 NE-A-15 NE-A-17 NE-A 18 NE-A-19
NE-B-3-4-5 NE-B-6-7 NE-B-8 NE-B-11-12 NE-B-15-16 NE-B 17 NE-B-18 NE-B-19
NE-B-20 NE-B-22-23 NE-B-24 NE-B-25 NE-B-26-27
NE-C-1-2 NE-C-4-5 NE-C-9-10 NE-C-11 NE-C-12 NE-C-13-14 NE-C-16 NE-C-19-20
NE-C-21 NE-C-22-23 NE-C-24
NE-D-5 NE-D-10 NE-D-11 NE-D-12 NE-D-13 NE-D-14 NE-D-15-16 NE-D-17
NE-D-23 NE-D-24 NE-D-25 NE-D-26
NE-E-4 NE-E-5-6-7 NE-E-8 NE-E-9 NE-E-10 NE-E-11 NE-E-12-13 NE-E-14
NE-E-15 NE-E-16 NE-E-18 NE-E-20 NE-E-21 NE-E-22 NE-E-23
NE-F-8 NE-F-9 NE-F-10 NE-F-11 NE-F-13 NE-F-15 NE-F-20
North West quarter
NW-A-7-8 NW-A-9-10 NW-A-11-12-13 NW-A-14 NW-A-15-16 NW-A-17-18 NW-A-19
South East quarter
SE-1 SE-2 SE-3 SE-4 SE-5 SE-6 SE-7
SE-9 SE-10 SE-11 SE-12 SE-13 SE-15 SE-16 SE-17
South West quarter
SW-1 SW-2 SW-3 SW-5 SW-6 SW-7 SW-8 SW-9
SW-10 SW-11 SW-12 SW-13 SW-14 SW-15 SW-16 SW-17
SW-18 SW-19 SW-20 SW-21 SW-22 SW-23 SW-24 SW-25
SW-26 SW-27 SW-28 SW-29 SW-30 SW-31 SW-32 SW-33
SW-34 SW-35 SW-36

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