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VE Day – 8 May 2020

Thanks to the hard work of two young village lads and in spite of the current Covid-19 lock down , a party took place on Friday May 8th in the Village.
George 9 and Thomas 12 had been learning about WW2 through the children’s novel “Friend or Foe“ by Michael Morpurgo. During the past weeks they talked about how impressive Captain Tom’s fundraising was  and his war effort. They learnt about evacuation of children from cities to the countryside and how everyone pulled together as communities . Finally how the end of the war was celebrated with street parties all over the country .
Unfortunately because of Covid -19  many celebrations were cancelled. However the boys were not deterred and decided to make invitations to all the village and invite them to a “Stay at Home” party!
Not only did they make and design the leaflets -they also delivered them around the village .Tom is a boy scout, George a  cub scout and Mum Wendy is a scout leader  and they all came out in uniform for the 2 minute silence .
These photos show what a great time was  had by all.
Many thanks to George and Thomas Gledall

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