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Allerthorpe Village Hall is a former school house which has been completely renovated due to the tireless efforts of many villagers and grants from the Lottery and WREN.

The Hall is now a valuable asset for the community providing facilities for activities for all ages. It is a registered charity (no. 1046753 ) and is administered by a committee of volunteers including trustees. The committee meet bi-monthly throughout the year.

Hire the Hall

The hall consists of an entrance vestibule, a main room 12.5m long by 4.47m wide, a well equipped kitchen with cooker, crockery, cutlery and cooking utensils, two toilets including one for disabled users, and a large car park. It is heated by energy efficient Air Source Heat Pumps. There is also an excellent supply of good quality tables and chairs.

A variety of activities take place in the Hall including yoga, art and embroidery classes.
The hall is available for hire at the very reasonable rate of £10 per hour.
Contact Jane Smith on 07810 835300 or use the contact form to get in touch.

The latest bookings for the Village Hall are in the attached link.. please do review to see which classes you may wish to attend or for when the hall may be free for hire.

Restoration Project

Our Village Hall which is a former school house has been in a poor state of repair for a number of years. We have been actively fund raising for more than 6 years and have had tremendous support from many villagers in Allerthorpe. However we are a small village of only 240 people and so we knew that the project would require more funds than we could raise locally.

In 2010 we received £10,000 from the Lottery – Awards for All, which enabled us to do critical repairs such as, replace the roof, re-wire the entire building, and put in a new heating system.
However we recognised that now we needed more funds to be able to bring the building to modern day standards. So, early in 2011 we decided to apply for a grant from WREN.

We were delighted when, in August 2011, we heard that we had been awarded a grant of £14,240. Just to explain about WREN (Waste Recycling and Environmental organisation) for those people who don’t know……
WREN is a not for profit business that awards grants to community, environmental and heritage projects across the UK from funds donated by the Waste Recycling Group as part of a voluntary environmental tax credit scheme call the Landfill Communities Fund.

Since 1998 WREN have granted over £140 m to more than 5,500 project which benefit people living within 10 miles of a WRG landfill site. Our site is Gallymoor near Howden.

Now with the grant from WREN we will be able to really bring the building to a useable state, our plans include new windows, updating the kitchen, decorating, repairing the outer fencing and gate.

Since the completion of all the works in 2012, we have been able to run various health and fitness classes, community events, children’s parties and have the hall available to rent out for any meetings, skills classes and educational events.

Without the help and support of community funding opportunities offered by WREN and the Lottery and also all the support given by our villagers we would not be able to do the repairs and ongoing maintenance needed for our Village Hall to be functional.

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