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Christmas Fair

It may seem a little early but we are getting enquiries for our Christmas Trees and Wreaths this year.. and we are very pleased to say that we are ready to take orders! Details are below on prices and sizes and our chosen charity for 2020 is the Kidney Research UK in addition to the Village Hall Extension Fund.

Thank you for your support.

Free Chairs – Village Hall Surplus

The Village Hall Committee are getting rid of some stacking chairs. There are 26 black chairs, a further 8 slightly larger black chairs, and 14 red chairs. If you would like some or all of these, completely free of charge, then please contact Jane Smith on

VE Day Celebrations

8 May 2020

Thanks to the hard work of two young village lads and in spite of the Covid-19 lock down, a party took place on Friday May 8th in the Village.
George 9 and Thomas 12 had been learning about WW2 through the children’s novel “Friend or Foe“ by Michael Morpurgo .During the past weeks they talked about how impressive  Captain Tom’s fundraising was  and his war effort .They learnt about evacuation of children from cities to the countryside and how everyone pulled together as communities . Finally how the end of the war was celebrated with street parties all over the country .
Unfortunately because of Covid 19  many celebrations were cancelled. However the boys were not deterred and decided to make invitations to all the village and invite them to a “Stay at Home” party!
Not only did they make and design the leaflets -they also delivered them around the village .Tom is a boy scout, George a  cub scout and Mum Wendy is a scout leader and they all came out in uniform for the 2 minute silence .
These photos show what a great time was had by all.
Many thanks to George and Thomas Gledall

More pictures of the day can be viewed under the Gallery Section

New Website!!

So for our existing website visitors you will see that we have a wonderful new website! The new site allows much easier navigation whether you are viewing from your PC, tablet, laptop or mobile.

The editing and updating of the site is far easier than the previous one so the editors will be able to quickly add the latest information relating to Allerthorpe parish for you to enjoy.

The editors will update the site with both official and local interest information. But the site is for you too…. what else would you like to see displayed on the site? Do you have additional information, photo’s, stories that you would like us to upload? Please use the Contact Us form and we’ll do our best to accommodate.

Neighbourhood Plan Referendum Result

The result of the referendum on the Neighbourhood Plan was a tremendous result and the result is as follows.

Total number of ballot papers counted142
The number of votes cast in favour of YES 123
The number of votes cast in favour of NO16
Rejected ballot papers3

On behalf of the Steering Group I would like to thank you for your support for making this happen and you will be pleased to hear that all expenditure incurred was paid for by a Groundwork Grant and there has been no cost to the parish other than the Steering groups time which they have given freely.

The ERYC intend to formally adopt the Neighbourhood Plan as part of the ERYC Statutory Development Plan at a full council meeting on the 8th January 2020


The Parish council is grateful for the generous funding support given by Help for Health, the HEY Smile Foundation and East Riding of Yorkshire Council Community Fund which has enabled us to purchase an IPAD (Intelligent Public Access Defibrillator) which has been mounted on the external wall of the Village Hall beside the front door.

What is an Intelligent Public Access Defibrillator?

An Intelligent Public Access Defibrillator is the latest in the range of clinical defibrillator monitors and is designed to be used by minimally trained individuals, It is suitable for use almost anywhere that people gather, whether it’s within the workplace, a shopping centre or a hospital and makes saving lives easier than ever.

Where is it?

The defibrillator is in a yellow cabinet with a combination lock mounted outside the main entrance to the Village Hall.

Who can use it?

Our defibrillator is designed to be used safely by people with no medical experience because the user is guided through the process by a sequence of voice commands from the machine which is intelligent enough to recognise when and when not to shock.

How do I gain access to the defibrillator in an emergency?

lf you think that someone in the village is having a heart attack dial 999 immediately and ask for an ambulance. You will be told that there is a defibrillator in the village and given the combination for the defibrillator cabinet.

How can I help?

The target set by the government for Ambulance Trusts all over the UK is to reach 75% of life threatening calls within 8 minutes. Statistics show that early defibrillation can increase the survival chances of a person who has suffered a Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) by as much a 50%. Sudden Cardiac Arrest happens between 140,000 and 200,000 times a year in the UK, making it one of the UK’s largest killers. The potential for saving a life is dependent on time the faster medical help is administered the better the chances of survival. To achieve a positive outcome when dealing with sudden cardiac arrest medical assistance must be given within 4 – 5 minutes of the event. ln remote areas like ours it can take more than 8 minutes for an emergency medical team to arrive and this is why Community Public Access Defibrillators play a vital role in helping to save lives in rural communities. Statistics suggest that the survival rate after a sudden cardiac arrest with resuscitation (CPR) alone is 5%. By using a defibrillator the survival rate increases to 50%. Will you be ready to save someone’s life at a moments notice?

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